All services of the Lobi Foundation have a counseling component, consisting of pre- and post-counseling. Counseling before the service is provided, i.e. the pre-counseling, which is meant to find out the client's actual request for help. During this conversation, possible misconceptions can be discussed with the clients or they can simply be provided with the correct information.

The service providers employed by the Lobi Foundation are trained to empathize with the emotional state of the client, they have the required knowledge and experience to provide the service in way that is satisfactory to the client, while privacy and confidentiality are also guaranteed. After the service, the post-counseling takes place. In this conversation, the results are discussed and explained to the client.

In the event of a negative result (e.g. HIV, breast examination, cervical cancer, prostate cancer or a pregnancy test), the client will be counseled about the importance of regular screening, maintaining a negative HIV status or the importance of preventing an unwanted pregnancy and / or abortion .

In case of a positive result, the client is counseled about the course that he / she can expect. The client is given every opportunity to ask his / her questions to the service provider.

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