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Stichting Lobi Health Center Paramaribo

Fajalobistraat 16, Paramaribo
Call/App: +597 400444
Open: Monday – Friday, 07:15hrs -14:00 hrs


Stichting Lobi Health Center Lelydorp

Fajalobilaan 13, Lelydorp
Call/App: +597 367227
Open: Monday – Friday, 07:15hrs -14:00hrs


Stichting Lobi Health Center Nickerie

Hk Ceder, Annastraat 39a, Nieuw Nickerie
Call/App: +597 0231533
Open: Monday - Friday 08:15hrs -15:00hrs


An appointment is recommended for HIV and Prostate tests, Fertility counseling, Artsconsult and the placement of a spiral.

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Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 07:15 – 14:00

Fajalobistraat 16

(597) 400444


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What do you think of our website

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