Child wish counseling
Almost every couple gets the wish to have a baby together. This wish is not always immediately fulfilled. This can lead to tensions in the relationship to each other and to others. Family and friends also start looking for a child after some time. This is often expected in our Surinamese society. How often do we not go to parties and people with "kids" form a club in which parenting tips are exchanged.

The Lobi Foundation considers family planning important. That is why we reach out to those who want to start a healthy family and especially to those who do not succeed immediately.

Not getting pregnant?
First, we want to say that it is no one's fault if pregnancy does not happen immediately. In both men and women, complex processes precede possible fertilization. Something can go wrong in these processes with both men or woman.

What can Lobi do for you?
Together with you as a couple, we discuss and assess the situation and if necessary and possible through additional tests, we try to find out what possible causes could be present for not being able to get pregnant. Based on the findings, advice can be given on how to stimulate a pregnancy, for example by supporting ovulation or sperm production.

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