Accredited Member Association of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF.
The Lobi Foundation has been an Accredited Association of the IPPF since 2006. The accreditation takes place every five years. The last accreditation of the Foundation was in 2011 and the next accreditation will take place in 2018.

IPPF has a series of rigorous systems in order to continuously improve impact, responsibility and transparency and to demonstrate the value of its work as a federation to all stakeholders. The Member Associations contribute to the impact and results of the Federation. Therefore, the IPPF uses a strict accreditation system that regularly reviews the various processes within the federation and within the Member Associations.  This audit system includes systems to ensure good financial management and good governance at all levels. For example, requirements have been set for the composition of the Governing Board of the Member Associations in terms of representation of women, young people and the LGBT community.

The accreditation system requires compliance from all IPPF Member Associations of the agreed standards. The system contains extensive monitoring and evaluation systems that record how IPPF works and how it and its Member Associations work to make the Federation more effective. Extra attention is focused on raising the quality of care standards to the highest quality of care offered to clients around the world. Openness about finances, strategy and structure is an integral part of the way of working of IPPF and its Member Associations.

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